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Anis Wan Kamaruddin
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  • Project Description

    Anis Wan Kamaruddin, ‘The Essene Temples’, Dead Sea, West Bank.

    The Essene sect has always distanced themselves from the Temple in Jerusalem, creating a unique language of sacredness. The project explores the future of this language, and speculates on how this is manifested. The exploration of a specific and extreme existence in the Dead Sea and its contrast to Jerusalem allows this new language to emerge. People and context are parts that integrate to form a sacred whole. The result is an existence that is specific to their location yet is curiously universal – using salt crystallization and aggregation as a process for encrypting natural phenomena and human appropriation at the micro level, but also as a means for expressing the Essenes’ place within a larger order. The manifestations of Leibniz’s 0s and 1s bring the Essenes closer to the highest form of purity, and thus, towards completion and death.