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Athanasios Varnavas
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  • Project Description

    Athanasios Varnavas, ‘Ariadne’s Thread’.

    The project/ book/ labyrinth/ body is nested on a Nave(I) in the City-Quarry of Makrana precisely located at 27°01′39″ N 74°42′42″ E. It envisions a series of operations on the existing Durga temple, where architecture transforms from ‘static’ Vitruvian proportions into a multilayered cannibalised, armored corpus of a Carved Giant. It seeks to challenge additive or weaving (‘Penelope’) processes in architecture through the subtractive thinking of carving (‘Odysseus’) and the uncanny of destruction, removing and releasing matter. The Blasphenous Guild explores these two processes (+-), blurring and merging so as to augment the surrounding landscape, operating between destruction and generation.